Before Selecting AS/A-LEVEL Ask Yourself These 3 Questions!

Many students who have just finished IGCSE might have a dilemma whether to select which exam for the high school equivalent certificate. The two most popular high school qualifications for international students are AS/A-LEVEL and IB. Both AS/A-LEVEL and IB share a similar difficulty and students may choose one based on their preferences and goals. For those students who already decided to go for AS/A-LEVEL, there are more dilemmas you would encounter, ie, which subjects should I take?

AS/A-LEVEL requires a lot of effort to finish and get the diploma, so it is quite tough. Therefore, if you are deciding whether to choose AS/A-LEVEL or not, ask yourself three questions below.

  1. Why do you want to take the AS/A-LEVEL exam?
  2. What is the purpose of getting good grades at AS/A-LEVEL?
  3. What can you do further with the certificate?

Why do you want to take the AS/A-LEVEL exam?

This question is made for students who are still hesitant about which exam they would like to take. Students need to understand each exam system in order to know exactly which exam is suitable for them, and know the reason for taking the AS/A-LEVEL. AS/A-LEVEL exam is more complicated than IGCSE as it is equivalent to university curriculum. Students have to have a strong understanding towards the taken course in order to get high scores.

Therefore, the answer to the question could be: I want to cover all knowledge about a certain subject which I think could apply in the university.

What is the purpose of getting good grades at AS/A-LEVEL?

The reason why we need to aim for a high score, C above, for AS/A-LEVEL is to get motivated to achieve our educational goal. If students get good grades, you can use the grade to get into the university. As AS/A-LEVEL lessons are deep and complicated and the difficulty is similar to university lessons, so if students could get good grades, they would not need to adjust themselves much when they actually get into university.

Therefore, the answer to the question could be: I want to get into a famous university which requires a high score, so I need to get good grades on the AS/A-LEVEL exam.

What can you do further with the certificate?

This last question affects students’ future and pride. After students can get high scores on AS/A-LEVEL, and they can get into the university that they want, the next thing to consider is how this is a big step in life. How can AS/A-LEVEL apply to university and in future career.

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