GED needs to know for Myanmar to get into a Thai University

GED is an opportunity for Myanmar students to earn a high school degree, as most schools in Myanmar don’t meet the requirement to get into a Thai University. GED is a one-stop university for Myanmar students. However, studying GED and applying to Universities on your own might not be an easy task. Therefore, the GED tutor in Bangkok can help Myanmar GED students that want to get into Thai Universities. For instance, “The Planner Education” can help make GED easy, giving you private tutoring and getting to your dream Universities. Even though GED is a gateway to Thai International University, there are other needs to know to get you there.

GED before the test 

GED self-study can be difficult and time-consuming, so find Thailand’s top tutoring center to lend you a hand and make your GED test prep easy. Hence, make sure you get into the Thai University of your dreams. The Planner Education is one of those top tutoring centers in Bangkok that can help get you a top mark. Also, check out other standardized tests you do in parallel with the GED.

University in Thailand

  • ABAC
  • Chulalongkorn
  • Mahidol University

GED after the test 

Getting your test scores and applying to universities can be challenging for people whose from abroad. Hence, there are lots of documents that you have to deal with. Regardless of how The Planner Education will help you with the Ministry of Education with your equivalency documents. In addition, here is the breakdown of other documents you might need to enter the Thai University that students need to do themselves.

  1. GED scores that meet the need of the Thai University that students want to enter. Most Universities in Thailand require 600 over.
  2. Education Visa
  1. Letter from the Ministry of Education in Thailand or an acceptance letter from your University.
  2. Letter from your school, training institution, or company in Thailand- The letter must be typed, on the school letterhead, signed by authorized personnel, and have a copy of the School license.
  3. Other requirements after getting accepted.
    Apply for medical insurance.

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