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The content of AS/A-LEVEL Economics, according to the CIE exam board (Cambridge International Examinations), can be divided into five key topics, as listed below:

  1. Basic economic ideas and resource allocation
  2. The price system and the micro economy
  3. Government microeconomic intervention
  4. The macro economy
  5. Government macro intervention

As indicated in the lists above, AS/A-LEVEL Economics encompasses fundamental economic ideas in both Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Students gain the ability to apply economic theories to real-world market phenomena, enhancing their understanding of economic concepts. In the real world, decision-making is a constant challenge, and AS/A-LEVEL Economics equips you with the skills to make informed choices by understanding the consequences of decisions made by individuals.

Students can choose to take the AS/A-LEVEL Economics exam between AS-LEVEL (Advanced Subsidiary Level) or A-LEVEL (Advanced Level). There are a total of four papers of AS/A-LEVEL Economics. All of the detailed information such as marks and test duration are stated in the table below.

Paper 1 Multiple Choice (1 hour)
30 multiple choice questions based on the AS Level syllabus content
30 marks


Paper 2 Data Response and Essay (1 hour 30 minutes)
Section A: one data response question. (20 marks)
Section B: one structured essay from a choice of three (20 marks)
Based on the AS Level syllabus content.
40 marks


Paper 3 Multiple Choice (1 hour 15 minutes)
30 multiple choice questions based on the Additional A Level syllabus content.
30 marks

Paper 4 Data Response and Essays (2 hours 15 minutes)
Section A: one data response question (20 marks)
Section B: two essays from a choice of six (50 marks)
Based on the additional A Level syllabus content
70 marks


AS/A-LEVEL Economics course at The Planner Education strictly follows the course syllabus of each student selected board. As we encourage personalised learning, valuing students’ preference and convenience are our key to help students be at their best. Students can request for the exam board from our administrator, and the teacher will prepare teaching material according to the board that the student has requested.

Finding where to study AS/A-LEVEL Economics in Bangkok? Get a preferable grade or high possibility to get an A* at The Planner Education. There are three types of classes which students can choose as the following; One-on-One, Semi, Private Group.

AS/A-LEVEL tutoring course at The Planner Education has been supporting international school students for years, and through word-of-mouth recommendation, we have received trust from parents and students, and been known for a unique teaching technique that is practical and effective. Our students are taught to be critical thinkers as critical thinking is a crucial skill needed in the real world.

Furthermore, The Planner’s teachers can give advice on everything possible that A-LEVEL Economics students need to know with an expert ability from their high educational background. Therefore, we are confident that students can ace the A-LEVEL exam and other tests for certain.

Over 90% of our A-LEVEL Economics students passed the test and most of them got A*. Some students get offers from overseas universities, and they are currently walking on their beautiful education path. If you would like to apply for A-LEVEL course at The Planner, contact us via LINE Official: @theplanner

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