A-LEVEL or IB: Which One Suits You Best?

It tends to be an essential period of time for many international students who are going to make the decision of whether to pursue A-LEVEL (the General Certificate of Education Advanced Level) or IB (the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program). Both curricula are for high school seniors or students above 16 years old. But which one suits you best, A-LEVEL or IB? Which one fits you and is the correct pathway to enter university? Let’s get to see the differences!

Let’s Sum Up to the Right Planner: which one is the best for you?

A-LEVEL is suitable for those who want to pursue any faculties or universities in the UK because this curriculum follows the system of the UK. Most of the time in interviews at places, such as Oxford or Cambridge, many students faced basic questions about A-LEVEL. Thus, it is better to know the curriculum well at first. Moreover, studying A-LEVEL is also an in-depth knowledge for further use to your dream faculties.

IB is better for those who are unsure about which faculties or universities you are going to attend. IB provides a free environment for the one who wants to find more of yourself. IB is appropriate for you because this curriculum allows you to choose several subjects you want to study and to explore more of the world, and emphasize critical thinking and practical experimentation. In addition, it also focuses on students’ preparation for university in the ways to encounter the real world. IB curriculum not only supports in-depth academic side but also combines other important skills for those to find themselves.

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