Top UK Universities and Their A-level Requirement

The United Kingdom is one of the learning hubs that almost every student wants to create their bright future there. Below are 5 universities that international students have chosen to be the most popular universities in the UK.

  1. University of Oxford
    Number 1 top university in the UK of all time, it is the oldest university in England and in the English-speaking world. Students that graduated from this university have so many qualifications and are perceived to be smart students. If you have Oxford on your CV, you are duly outstanding.

    English Language & Literature major is one of the most studied in the university, so if you are interested in learning this major and deciding to take A-LEVEL, you should consider taking English Language and Literature at A-LEVEL.

    At The Planner Education, we also have the English Language and Literature A-LEVEL course, you can choose whether to study private, couple, group class. We have many specialised A-LEVEL tutors that can make your dream come true!

  2. University of Cambridge
    This university is known for being the second best university in the world. You may see the word “Cambridge” a lot in your daily life, like when you search for a meaning of a word on the internet, Cambridge Dictionary will appear on the very first page.

    Psychology is one of the most studied majors in Cambridge University, so it is great to study Psychology at A-LEVEL in order to have some foundation before you actually study the whole thing in the university.

  3. University of Manchester
    We have come to the third largest university in the UK, and it also ranks the third on the best destination in the UK as well. Accordingly, it attracts international students from 160 countries around the world. One of the reasons that Manchester ranks the top destination could be football, of course.

    Business major is one of the top chosen majors of Manchester University. Therefore, if you are interested in studying business in the UK, Business subject has to be one of your studying subjects in A-LEVEL.

  4. University of Buckingham
    This is an independent university in the UK with a Royal Charter (a formal grant issued by a monarch under royal prerogative as letters patent.) It is a small university with no more than 3,000 students compared with University of Cambridge that has around 20,000 students. It also ranks sixth in the most satisfying universities chosen by students in the UK

    Computer Science is the most studied subject in the university. Therefore, you should consider taking Computer Science, Maths, and Physics at A-LEVEL if you want to major in Computer Science.

  5. University College London
    It ranks eighth in the world top universities according to the 2023 QS World University Rankings, and is also positioned among the top 20 posh universities in the world. It is known for the top 1 ranking in Education in the world and its Pharmacy is in the top 10.

    As mentioned above, UCL’s Education and Medicine are in the world top rank, so if you are planning to study either Education or Medicine, you need to take A-LEVEL course as the following:
    Education: A-LEVEL subject depends on what subject you would like to teach in the future. However, an A-LEVEL English course is a must to take, or Psychology could also be one of your choices.
    Medicine: Chemistry is a must to take at A-LEVEL if you want to major in Pharmacy, and you should also consider Biology, Physics, and Maths as well.

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