The Journey to Excel in IGCSE ESL: Where to Start and Get That A*

If you are gearing up for the IGCSE ESL examination and hoping for stunning grades, it is essential to learn more details like the number of papers you will need to do, time limitation, percentage of scores allocated for each part, and, especially, the subject content of IGCSE ESL. Once you understand these details, you are almost well-prepared.

For those who are just starting to gather information about IGCSE ESL or beginning their studies in IGCSE ESL, there is no need to worry. Here is the explanation about IGCSE ESL you should know before taking the examination.

IGCSE ESL includes 3 papers as the following;



Assessment Overview;


For those who have already registered for IGCSE ESL, make sure to carefully check the Speaking test date. Mostly, you will have to take the Speaking test before the written sections.

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