FAQ: What is IGCSE? Study Plan for a Successful Future

What is IGCSE?

IGCSE, or International General Certificate of Secondary Education, is a curriculum from the United Kingdom widely recognised globally, serving as a stepping stone to AS/A-LEVEL, Cambridge Pre-U, or IB Diploma Programme (International Baccalaureate).

IGCSE Examinees must pass at least five subjects in IGCSE, each with a grade not lower than C. Grades for IGCSE exams range from A* to G (A*, A, B, C, D, E, F, G) and U (Ungraded).

The Ministry of Education of Thailand equates IGCSE qualifications only to Grade 10. To achieve Grade 12 equivalency, students must also pass at least three AS/A-LEVEL subjects. Subsequently, these qualifications can be used for undergraduate applications to Thai or overseas universities.

Why take IGCSE?

IGCSE examinees are international school students following the English education system in Year 10 and Year 11, preparing for further studies at the AS/A-LEVEL level in Year 12 and Year 13.

The IGCSE exam consists mainly of written responses. Some language exams include listening and speaking components.

Key considerations before taking IGCSE:

  • IGCSE exams have two sessions per year: May/June and Oct/Nov.
  • Each IGCSE subject has two levels: CORE (basic) and EXTENDED (advanced).
  • Examined in five major groups: Language, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, Creative and Professional.

To achieve good grades in each IGCSE subject, examinees must consider various factors such as a strong foundation in English, understanding of each subject, preparation time, discipline, and, most importantly, having knowledgeable tutors.

Choosing IGCSE subjects

Typically, IGCSE students are required to study a minimum of five subjects. Among these five subjects, English, Science, and Maths are mandatory. As for the remaining subjects, students have the freedom to choose. When selecting IGCSE subjects, it is crucial to align them with future plans. For students with a clear goal, choosing subjects becomes more straightforward. For example, if one aspires to pursue engineering, opting for IGCSE Physics and Maths would be advisable. However, for those in the exploration phase, observation based on personal interests is essential.

IGCSE exam can be divided into 5 subject groups:

  • Group 1: English Language and Literature
  • Group 2: Mathematics
  • Group 3: Science
  • Group 4: Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Group 5: Creative and Professional

In the IGCSE exam, some subjects offer two levels to choose from:

  • CORE: Each subject at the CORE level covers only the basic fundamental content of that subject. Therefore, those who choose to take the CORE level can achieve a maximum grade of C.
  • EXTENDED: Those who take the EXTENDED level can attain a maximum grade of A* because each subject’s examination at the EXTENDED level involves advanced content for that subject.

Where is the best tutoring centre to prepare for IGCSE?

In selecting the optimal IGCSE tutoring centre, students must consider various factors. Students need to reflect on the purpose of this preparation, which often involves achieving outstanding grades in the IGCSE exams or, for some, successfully passing the exams on the first attempt. Regardless of the goals, it is crucial to rely on effective teaching to ensure that students grasp all essential exam points during their studies.

Why study IGCSE at The Planner?

The Planner Education underscores the significance of each IGCSE subject, guaranteeing favourable outcomes. Our teachers possess extensive expertise in the specific IGCSE subjects they specialise in. The Planner diligently tracks content and exam modifications, ensuring the continued efficacy of our IGCSE course instruction.

  • Most of our students achieve A* or A grades.
  • 90% of our students have passed the IGCSE exam.
  • All teachers are IGCSE specialists with relevant experience.
  • Emphasis on understanding, covering all exam content.
  • Techniques for maximising scores are taught.
  • Regular updates based on the latest course syllabus.
  • Unlimited practice with Past Papers.
  • Tailor study plans for desired grades.
  • Convenient location at The Mercury Ville, 3rd floor – BTS Chidlom.

The IGCSE courses at The Planner are both rigorous and comprehensive, meticulously covering all essential content aligned with the syllabus of each examination board. What truly distinguishes The Planner’s IGCSE course is our exceptional teaching approach, unlike any other. Our dedicated teachers for each IGCSE subject are committed to imparting techniques that enable students to answer questions without losing points.

The Planner prioritises and emphasises essential strategies aimed at achieving full marks in specific exam sections. Furthermore, the practice questions integrated into the course are precisely aligned with the content of the subject exams. Choose The Planner for a uniquely effective and successful IGCSE tutoring experience.

The Planner offers the following IGCSE class types

  • One-on-One
  • Semi-Private
  • Private Group

Until this line, Is The Planner’s IGCSE course worth it?

The Planner’s professional team continuously updates IGCSE courses based on each exam board’s syllabus. Therefore, students learn with the latest syllabus every time. The Planner Education has gained widespread recognition due to our effective teaching approach and consistent student success. Most students who study IGCSE with us not only pass in the first round but also achieve A and A* grades. Our IGCSE teachers are dedicated to providing quality education, ensuring students are well-prepared to enter the university of their choice.

For those students, or parents, who are still considering whether to find a tutor to prepare for IGCSE, how essential is IGCSE tutoring, or where to find the best IGCSE preparation, is The Planner Education’s IGCSE preparation good, and why? The IGCSE course at The Planner Education is an improvement for many students, both those who have taken the exam before and those who are taking it for the first time. The teachers here not only guide students to pass but also emphasise quality to help students achieve A* and enter the university faculty of their dreams.

A bright future starts with the right education. Join us at The Planner and discover the courses that are best for you!: GED | IGCSE | A-LEVEL | SAT | IELTS | ACT | GSAT | TOEFL-MUIC/MUIDS | CU-TEP | CU-AAT | CU-ATS | TU-GET | IB | AP | Academic Writing

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