How to Pick IGCSE Subjects for Your Major Decision

Choosing an IGCSE subject is key for students, because it can determine the future. The most area that students pick for IGCSE will dictate their A-Level choices and the degree they will study in universities. Most students will choose between 5 to 9 subjects and over a span of 2 academic years.

In addition, students were suggested to take five subjects, with English Language and math being the first choices. Hence, some schools require students to take English, math, and science as part of their subject choices. However, for additional subjects, students should pick depending on their interests and the university plan they have in mind.

The IGCSE choice should be dictated by whether they are taking the A-Levels. Hence, different university majors might require some subjects to get accepted. Also, if your child is considering taking the A-Levels, they would need a good grade in their IGCSE. Therefore, choosing the right IGCSE subject can determine a student’s future, so it is wise for students to look at their interests and know their passion from the start.

To ensure the future of university admission requirements for students are met and not overlooked, students and parents should meet with a University Advisor to discuss the right path for the students. Studying IGCSE A-LEVEL at The Planner Education, there are experts on the university admission who can advise and navigate students to the right future path, in case for students who are still in the state of making a decision. 

Here are the following IGCSE subjects depending on the university major: 

  • Business Management Major
    • Business Studies
    • Math 
    • English 
    • Geography 
    • Economics
  • Psychology
    • Psychology
    • Biology 
    • English
    • Math
    • Chemistry 
  • Engineering
    • Math Physics
    • Chemistry 
    • English
    • Environmental Management
    • History

Studying IGCSE A-LEVEL at The Planner Education makes the most out of IGCSE A-LEVEL students, and we enhance their ability to overcome any kind of struggles. The Planner IGCSE A-LEVEL class is a private classroom, so the teacher could fully concentrate on students to help improve their learning outcomes to the max.

Types of IGCSE A-LEVEL teaching at The Planner:

  • One-on-One
  • Semi
  • Private Group

IGCSE A-LEVEL classes at The Planner Education are organised in two ways of learning, on-site and online. The on-site classroom allows students to be more focused on the lesson, while the online classroom allows students to receive their education at their convenient time. The Planner’s objective is to provide each student with the personalised learning to motivate their passion of studies at the right timing of each individual style of learning.

Moreover, there are a variety of IGCSE A-LEVEL subjects, taught at The Planner Education, that are more than enough to serve each student’s dream major decision. The quality education that we offer will help encourage students to make a good choice in their lives, and they could keep the know-how they have learnt from The Planner to apply it to their life after they finish studying with us.

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