A-LEVEL or IB is Your Best Choice

Most international high school students might face a huge dilemma whether to choose A-LEVEL (the General Certificate of Education Advanced Level) or IB (the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program). These 2 diplomas can pave students a way to success at university. Either one is fine, but it is still important to make a good choice for your best future. Therefore, being able to differentiate A-LEVEL from IB, and vice versa, is one key to be successful.

Below are the differences between A-LEVEL and IB.

A-LEVEL is for students who are so sure about themselves that they prefer to study in the UK, because A-LEVEL is a UK high school qualification. Especially students who want to be in Oxford university or Cambridge university, sometimes the interviewer will ask a question that is related to an A-LEVEL subject. So, if you study A-LEVEL, you will be one step further than other candidates.

Moreover, A-LEVEL is said to be HARD. Well, you can put it that way, but because A-LEVEL is an intensive advanced course, you will be required to take at least 3 subjects, so you will be studying deeply on the subject that you chose. The level of hardness of the A-LEVEL course is basically the same as the university, so you will have no problem when you get into the university.

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IB is best suited for students who are still finding what they want to study in university. They are sure that they need some time for themselves in order to find the right place for their perfect future.

An IB student needs to take 6 subjects, though they have more choices compared to an A-LEVEL student, the IB student takes a lot more effort and time. The IB study requires using critical thinking and more on experiments. As a result, IB students can easily adjust into the university environment because it requires critical thinking as well.

We hope that when you finally reach this paragraph, you can decide right away whether to study A-LEVEL or study IB. No matter what you choose, The Planner is on your side! See more >>

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