Tips for getting into top universities. Catch Your Own Dream!

  1. Do several researches for university that you wish for
    Each university has different documentation requirements for applicants. Same majors from two different universities may have different requirements, so it is very important to be careful when you decide which university you want to apply to and do research.
    The right institution is a combination of the reputation of the institute, supportive and professional teachers, environmentally friendly in terms of people, and so on. These can play crucial roles in developing a healthy education experience.
  2. Get good grades in your school or IGCSE/ A-levels
    Whether you are studying in a normal school or planning to take A-Levels as a qualification, you need to put an effort in every course that you are taking to get preferable grades. Most colleges such as MUIC require you to pass above C for 3 A-Level subjects
  3. English Test Preparation
    Most top universities require you to submit an English proficiency test score such as TOEFL, IELTS to successfully be enrolled in the international course structures. Some majors require a math test score as well such as SAT, ACT. Furthermore, each university has a different score requirement. Therefore, in order to catch your dream college, these tests are a must to take. You need to at least prepare 3 months ahead before taking the exam and should reach the preferable score.
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