Top 5 Most Taken IGCSE Subjects

It is true that you should not make a decision based on the popularity of something. What you have chosen should benefit you in some aspects. Moreover, if that decision could affect your future, you should be even more careful about your decision. Choosing IGCSE subjects to study also uses the same strategy. No matter how hard or easy, the subjects should match your skills and interests. Here are 5 most taken IGCSE subjects which you can look at in detail to give you some ideas if the subjects are what you are actually looking for.

  1. Geography
    This subject is known as the most chosen subject among IGCSE classes because it is basically the learning of real-life situations: climate, culture, politics. You will be expecting the course to be very straightforward and focused on only facts, you just need to remember what you have learned in the class. Even though it is a memorising class, you will not be bored since the contexts contain a lot of interesting facts which can wow you every minute.
    Students who took Geography mostly received a grade 7, 8, or 9. From this evidence, you might expect it to be easy but it requires a lot of your effort as well.
  2. Religious Studies
    Religious Studies introduces you to the world’s popular religions. You will learn about different aspects, philosophical teaching, beliefs, and issues of each religion. And when the course ends, you will have the skills to work with people with different beliefs and much understanding of cultures.
    This subject requires you to have some writing skills since you have to write an argumentative or informative essay related to the religions that you have learned for the exam.
  3. Travel & Tourism
    As clear as it sounds, Travel and Tourism focuses on the travel industry including travelling, hotels, guiding, courier, etc,. It covers the study of environmental issues that come from the travel industry and what the main factors are that a particular place is so popular among travellers. You will also develop communication and presentation skills since the travel industry needs to directly deal with customers every single day. As well as some basic marketing of how to analyse and find the right target customers.
    If you love travelling and enjoy being a good servicer, this subject can be a good choice.
  4. Business Studies
    Students will learn about how the world of business works and how a company is successful. You will learn from planning, marketing, business law, and even financial management. Don’t be afraid when you hear the word “financial”, the maths here is not considered complicated.
    According to the data collected by Niche (the popular college rating and review platform), business is the most famous college major among high school students who will be graduating in 2022 and 2023. This is why Business Studies is one of the most chosen subjects.
  5. Sociology
    Most students find this an interesting subject because it is the study about how society affects our behaviours ever since we were born, and how we learn to be humans by families, education, media, and social expectations etc,. You will also learn about the differences between crime and deviant and how they have a huge impact on our society.
    For Sociology, if you understand the concepts and key terms, you may ace this subject very easily.

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