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Communication is among the most important things between each era’s major worldwide shifts. The ability to communicate opens up channels for world peace and harmony. Due in part to this, the Faculty of Communication Arts is one of the most well-liked among Thai students. This article will inform everyone in the Faculty of Communication Arts international program at Chulalongkorn University that they will not only work in the entertainment industry.

Many people refer to Comm Arts or Nitade Inter as Chulalongkorn’s. It comes from the communication management international program. As its initials suggest, Comm Arts does not study computers but study communication. The study of media and communication management is the main topic of the course. Judicious use of media and the ability to profit from it, such as through media marketing. Managing media relations and the usage of online media are two responsibilities. This course focuses on enhancing students’ solid English language abilities while giving them the tools they need to use the media as effectively as possible.

Many people believe that graduates of Communication Arts may only find employment in the entertainment industry. However, this is simply one of the vocations that communication arts students can pursue. Since a large percentage of Communication Arts graduates don’t work in the entertainment industry. Today, I present several instances of jobs that graduates in the Communication Arts have gone on to have, including those of director, journalist, celebrity, host, writer, marketer, organizer, and owner of a personal business. Media and communication management is a lesson in Communication Arts. The future of our workforce depends on this since many of our skills are in high demand.

If you are the one who likes to follow the news, be creative And have good human relations. Then, Comm Arts is a faculty that is suitable for you. Let’s look at the score criteria students need to prepare for applying for this faculty.

Applicants must achieve one of the following minimum scores on an English proficiency test listed below.
– IELTS (Academic) : ≥6.5
– TOEFL (IBT) : ≥90
– SAT (verbal) : ≥500
– ACT (E & R) : ≥37

Applicants must achieve one of the following minimum scores on a Math proficiency test listed below.
– CU-ATT Math : ≥620
– SAT Math : ≥600
– ACT Math : ≥25

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