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An IELTS course at The Planner Education is a short session course with full exam contents in depth. All of the lessons at our institute are carefully reviewed and selected so the questions that normally appear on the exam will be covered as well as all the exam contents. Students will be prepared for the actual test.

At The Planner, not only do we offer an excellent IELTS lesson, but we also coach students techniques to receive a high score when answering questions of every part from defining what the question is asking for to the usage of vocabularies.


IELTS: 7.5



IELTS: 8.5

IELTS: 8.5

IELTS: 8.5

Timetable for Group Session IELTS (Academic Module)

IELTS WEEKEND ROUND 1 14 JAN 23 19 MAR 23 Download
IELTS WEEKDAY ROUND 2 3 APR 23 4 MAY 23 Download
IELTS WEEKEND ROUND 3 6 MAY 23 9 JUL 23 Download
IELTS WEEKEND ROUND 4 17 JUN 23 27 AUG 23 Download
IELTS WEEKEND ROUND 5 5 AUG 23 15 OCT 23 Download
IELTS WEEKDAY ROUND 6 2 OCT 23 25 OCT 23 Download
IELTS WEEKEND ROUND 7 4 NOV 23 14 JAN 24 Download
14 JAN 23 Download
3 APR 23 Download
6 MAY 23 Download
17 JUN 23 Download
5 AUG 23 Download
2 OCT 23 Download
4 NOV 23 Download

For more information on our IELTS program, calls 095-726-2666 or LINE: @theplanner

The Academic Department and our IELTS teachers are constantly updating the contents of the IELTS exam and the grading scale system for every new IELTS test session to keep our quality up to students’ and parents’ expectations. In the process of developing our IELTS course, The Planner and our teachers are carefully taking time to analyze and summarize the IELTS exam contents into our lesson. So students in our course session receive all the necessary lessons for the exam as well as be able to answer questions and get high scores.

For more information on our IELTS program calls 095-726-2666 or LINE: @theplanner

IELTS Information

What is IELTS?

IELTS or International English Language Teaching System is an international standardized test of English language proficiency for those who want to study or work where English is the main language. IELTS scores can be submitted in order to study or work in more than 140 countries around the world.

IELTS will test you 4 skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing. The highest score for each part is 9 and the total of all four will be calculated by averaging the scores, therefore, 9 is also the total score for all parts as well.

IELTS Exam splits into 2 modules 

  1. Academic Module: This module is an English language academic based. This IELTS module is often taken for a continuation to an international program in the University or studying abroad around the globe. 
  2. General Training Module: This module is a non-academic based exam and is often taken for anyone who is not looking to continue to a higher education but working overseas or taking a citizenship exam.

The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) examination in Thailand is held by the British Council and IDP: IELTS Australia. At the present day, many of the Thai University international programs and Universities around the globe require students from a non-English speaking country to submit the official IELTS test score when registering. In addition, IELTS test score is also qualified for applying for work. 

IELTS exam is divided into 4 parts: 

  1. Listening 
  2. Reading 
  3. Writing 
  4. Speaking 

IELTS Exam: Paper-based VS Computer-based 

Both the IELTS paper-based exam and the computer-based exam are exactly the same. The examinee is required to take a Speaking exam with the examiner. The examinee will be given a choice between taking either a paper-based or computer-based test. 

So how are they different? 

  • Listening Part: Computer-based exam, the examinee is able to put in the answer anytime during the audio, while the paper-based exam allows the examinee to take notes. 
  • Test Result: Computer-based exam will be announced by the British Council within 3-5 business days or 5-7 days (IDP) while the paper-based exam could take up to 13 days. 
  • Test Date: Computer-based exams offer more options for the test date.


IELTS UKVI (UK Visa and Immigration) is an IELTS test approved by the UK Home Office for work, study, and migration purposes. The test can be used to issue a Tier 4 Visa for students who wish to study abroad. 

IELTS and IELTS for UKVI are exactly the same test in terms of format, content, scoring, and level of difficulty. IELTS for UKVI is, however, approved by the Thai Ministry of Interior in the UK. Students and parents are advised to consult with the institute or the agency overseas before applying.

IELTS at The Planner

In-depth exam contents.

Focus on questions that normally appear on the exam.

All contents are carefully selected.

Tips for answering every question.

Solve problems with specific techniques for each exam’s part.

Follow the grading scale.

Identify questions for a deeper understanding.

Use the right words to get high scores.

Every course study at The Planner will be conducted by our experienced teachers of that subject. Our teachers are committed to delivering a quality education to our students.

For more information on our IELTS program calls 095-726-2666 or LINE: @theplanner or simply make an appointment with us to discuss at our institution.