Good at mathematics and language, what IGCSE and A-Level subjects should we choose to study?

IGCSE and A-Level courses have a large number of subjects to select from; over 60-70 subjects per course. If you are the one who has excellent knowledge of both mathematics and languages, try spending 5 minutes reading this blog. The Planner Education, the number one IGCSE and A-Level tutoring center in Bangkok, Thailand, has a guide on how to choose the right subjects for these courses. Let’s check it out.

Things to know about the IGCSE and A-Level
For anyone planning to take both of these courses, first you need to know the basics and the differences between each course. So that throughout the course, the academic results are most effective. 

  • The IGCSE program is a course for students aged 14 to 16, starting from Year 10 through Year 11, taking two years of study to provide a foundation for all subjects. In this course, students have to choose from a total of 77 subjects in 5 categories, leaving only 7–11 subjects to complete the course. After graduating from this course, students will have a qualification equivalent to that of Secondary 4 (Matthayom 4) in Thailand. 
  • The A-Level program is a continuation of the IGCSE course for students aged 16–19, starting from Year 12 through Year 13. It is a two-year course as IGCSE, but at A-Level, the subjects are more in-depth and intense. To prepare for university studies, there are 66 subjects to choose from, but students will be able to choose only 3–4 subjects until the course is completed. After graduating from this course, the students will have a qualification equivalent to Secondary 6 (Matthayom 6) in Thailand and can apply to the faculty and university where they intend to.

Plan all your studies from Year 8 – 9 with the career test.
Because IGCSE studies start in Year 10, it is important to take a career test before taking an IGCSE course in order to know what you really want to work on  and what must be learned to be appropriate for your future career.

And for everyone who is good at both mathematics and languages, The Planner would like to recommend a career that will allow you to draw out your ability in both languages and mathematics appropriately, namely careers in law, business, or in any field that requires the use of psychology.

How To Choose The Right IGCSE Subjects
If you like both mathematics and languages, you may not be able to select all the subjects that you like because there are still some principles and regulations that are for Thai children. You must still select mathematics, science, English, and Thai subjects to study. Other subjects you need to consider according to category and subject level. You have to consider as follows:

There are 5 IGCSE subjects to choose from:

  • Language
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Science
  • Mathematics (Mathematics)
  • Professional Skills Group (Creative, Technical, and Vocational)

Therefore, the 7-11 subjects you choose should be selected subjects that cover all categories. so that we have all the basics And don’t forget to take into account the subjects that will be on your next A-Level course.

The IGCSE course is divided into two levels:

  • Core level
    It will be a course that covers only the basics. In addition, it is easier and takes less time to study. The grades that you will get at this level are C, D, E, F, G. 
  • Extended level
    It will be a subject with more intensive learning content. If you choose this level, you will get a grade that is higher than the core level. The grades that you will receive are A*, A, B, C, D and E.
    Subjectively, you should focus on studying at the extended level in order to achieve the highest A* grade and increase the chances of easily continuing in the A-Level course. The result of a C grade (most at core level) is not enough for further development at A-Level studies.

Excellent IGCSE results can be further developed on an A-Level course.

For those who love mathematics and languages, if you already know your favorite career path and have built a solid foundation in IGCSE, it’s easier to go on to A-Level courses. The number of subjects that you choose to study should be 3–4 in order to not study too hard.

From the first paragraph, The Planner has given you 3 career paths for people who are proficient in languages and mathematics. Let’s see what 3 approaches you should choose to study in depth in A-Level.

The Field of law

  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Economics
  • Psychology or similar category

The Field of  Business

  • Business
  • Economics
  • Mathematics
  • Further Mathematics or similar category

The Field of Psychology

  • Biology
  • Mathematics
  • Psychology
  • English or others similar category

If you are searching for some IGCSE and A-Level courses to study, the IGCSE and A-Level courses at The Planner Education are a great choice for you. We have open tutoring courses for students to enroll in every month. Guaranteed by over 2,000 students who have passed the exam here and have applied to many top universities in both Thailand and the UK. 

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