เรียน IGCSE

The IGCSE course study at The Planner is an intensive tutoring session. The learning agenda will strictly follow the course syllabus of the chosen examination board.

Studying IGCSE with The Planner is different from any other place. This is because our IGCSE teachers not only give an excellent lesson but also tips and techniques for students to answer exam questions. This way students will not lose but get a high score when doing an exam. All the questions and exercises we provided in our course session are very similar to the actual exam.

Also The Planner Academic Department and the teachers will keep the course syllabus of each examination board up-to-date for every exam period. Thus, students will be studying accordingly with the latest course syllabus. For these reasons, the IGCSE course studies at The Planner Education are widely considered by students and parents to be of a high quality. Many of our students had already passed the exam on their first attempt and many with A and A* grade.

Our students are our pride and we, The Planner Education, are committing to provide the highest quality of IGCSE course studies for any students who are willing to learn.


Biology A*
Chemistry A*
Physics A*
Mathematics A*


Mathematics A


Biology A*
Physics A*
Chemistry A*


Mathematics A*
Physics A*
Chemistry A*
Biology A*
Economics A
Accounting A


Geography A*
Business Studies A*
Physics B
Chemistry B
Biology A


Mathematics A
History A*
Biology A*


Geography A*


IGCSE Sessions offered at The Planner Education

  1. One-on-One
  2. Semi
  3. Private Group

For more information on our IGCSE program calls 095-726-2666 or LINE: @theplanner


IGCSE Course

What are IGCSE & GCSE subjects The Planner offers?

  1. English Language and Literature 
  • English – First Language 
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) 
  • Literature in English/ English Literature 
  • World Literature 
  1. Mathematics 
  • Mathematics 
  • International Mathematics 
  • Additional Mathematics 
  • Further Mathematics 
  • Further Pure Mathematics 
  1. Science 
  • Combined Science/ Single 
  • Co-ordinated Sciences/ Double 
  • Physical Science 
  • Physics 
  • Biology 
  • Chemistry 
  • Environmental Management 
  1. Humanities and Social Sciences 
  • Economics 
  • Geography 
  • History 
  • Sociology 
  1. Creative and professional 
  • Accounting 
  • Business Studies/ Business 
  • Computer Science 
  • Information & Communication Technology (ICT) 
  • Travel & Tourism

What is IGCSE?

IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) is an English language based examination and is recognized by the Department of Education around the globe. It is also a prerequisite for AS Level, A Level, Cambridge Pre-U and IB diploma programme (International Baccalaureate). 

In 2017, According to the Thai Ministry of Education, IGCSE will be equivalent to a Thai high school diploma only when students have also achieved 3 more subjects of AS or A-Level. Then the diploma may be issued for further education within the country. Students are required to pass at least 5 IGCSE subjects with a C grade or higher. The grading scale for IGCSE is ranged from A* to G (A*, A, B, C, D, E, F, G) and U (Ungraded). Then the examinees will be eligible to take AS or A-LEVEL (At least 3 subjects).

IGCSE Qualification Offers More Than 70 Subjects From 5 Categories below:


  1. English Language and Literature 
  2. Mathematics 
  3. Science 
  4. Humanities and Social Sciences 
  5. Creative and professional

Some of the course subjects offer two levels of the exam


  1. CORE: A basic exam level which covers only basic contents of the subject. C-score is the highest grade that can be achieved. 
  2. EXTENDED: The highest grading scale of A* can be received and the extended contents will be more difficult and more advanced than the core.

Information before registering for an IGCSE exam


  1. There are two (2) examination sessions per year which are May/June and Oct/Nov. 
  2. Applying for IGCSE exam
    – Any students from an international school that holds an IGCSE exam or is a testing center are able to register with their school.
    – Any external students (private candidates) are to register at the British Council or any international school that is a testing center and allow private candidates to take part in their examination.
  1. The cost for IGCSE examination ranged from 6,300-11,000 Baht.
  2. Any Late-registration (The testing center will issue the exam date), a Late-fee may be applied. 
  3. The examinee must receive a C or higher to pass the exam for that subject. 6. Most of the exam questions are short answers and some multiple choices. 7. The test result will be announced within 3-4 months

Why study IGCSE with The Planner?

Most of our students have achieved A* or A

90% of our students passed the IGCSE exam.

Expert teachers with teaching experience related to IGCSE subjects.

Covers all the exam contents including tips on how to answer questions.

Latest IGCSE contents (With the latest syllabus).

Unlimited past papers.

Organize and plan for our students from the beginning.

Offer a private, duo and group session.

Near a Chit Lom BTS.

A reasonable tuition fee.

For more information on our IGCSE program calls 095-726-2666 or LINE: @theplanner

Getting a good grade in IGCSE is determined by several factors. For instance, students’ English background will have a major impact since IGCSE is an English based exam, also, understanding the subject and students’ background on the subject, time spent preparing for the exam, self discipline, and most importantly, the instructor or the institute who can deliver the quality educations and advices. Many learners underestimate how important it is to have an adviser who can guide them. Students, however, should first ask themselves what is their purpose of taking an IGCSE exam. This is the question that we, The Planner, often asked any potential students before taking a course study with us. The answers we’ve heard the most are to get a high score (A or A*) and to pass the exam on their first attempt.

And to achieve these goals, the right guidance and the right way to educate students are essential, so that students would not miss the opportunity for the exam.

We, The Planner Education, value this aspect and believe it is crucial for students’ success. Our teachers, who graduated with a degree and experience related to course subjects, closely observe any changes to the course syllabus, so that the education our students receive is up-to-date for the examination session. Beside the already excellent education we offer, the tuition fee with The Planner Education is very reasonable for the value that students will receive, hence, our institute is very close to the Chit Lom BTS (Exit 4).

So, still unsure whether you should get a tutor for the IGCSE examination or not? Or where should you get tutoring? Is The Planner Education a good place? And why? Well from the past to the present, The Planner’s IGCSE course study is a turning point for any of our students. Not only our teachers push our students as far as possible, but they also deliver a high quality of education especially for the exam, so students are able to reach for high score or even A*. Many of our past students have done so and were able to get into the University they were hoping for.

IGCSE is not an easy course of study, whether it will be easier or harder depending on the instructor. The Planner’s instructors commit themselves to deliver the best education and tips and techniques for our students to receive a high grading letter on their certificate. Therefore, The Planner and our teachers are trusted by many students and parents, proven by our past and returning students, who seek to continue their journey onto A-Level.

For more information on our IGCSE program calls 095-726-2666 or LINE: @theplanner