เรียน A Level

GSAT – General Scholastic Aptitude Test is an admission exam created by the collaboration between the three well-known universities in Thailand – Thammasat University, Chulalongkorn University, and Srinakharinwirot University, for a purpose of developing an admission test to be able to use to apply for an international program or an English-based major. GSAT is accepted by all the university members of the Council of University Presidents of Thailand. When applying for university, this test is equivalent to the SAT. 

GSAT at The Planner will split into two subjects, Math – 40 hours and English (Reading, Writing, and Language) – 40 hours. Our course includes all exam contents, discovering tricky questions, tips and tricks for every part of the exams and how to complete the exam within the time limit. So students can do the exam with confidence and be able to make a high score. Our tutors have expertise in each subject of GSAT and keep the lesson up to date. Our students will also be evaluated from the beginning to the end of the course. 

The Planner Education offers 3 different GSAT course sessions 

  1. One-on-One
  2. Semi
  3. Private Group (3 or more)

For more information on our A-Level program calls 095-726-2666 or LINE: @theplanner

What to expect in the GSAT Exam?

GSAT exam includes English and Math which divided into 4 parts

  1. Reading 
  2. Writing and Language 
  3. Math (no calculator) 
  4. Math (with calculator) 

GSAT exam details

  1. Reading (65 minutes) 
    5 Reading Passages and 1 Paired Passage
    50 Multiple-choice questions 
  1. Writing and Language (35 minutes) 
    4 Passages and 40 Multiple-choice
  1. Math (no calculator) (25 minutes) 
    20 Multiple-choice, no calculator allowed 
  1. Math (with calculator) (55 minutes) 
    40 Multiple-choice, calculator allowed
    180 minutes in total for 150 questions 


1,800 baht admission fee at Thammasat University Rangsit Campus. The test score is valid for 2 years.

GSAT at The Planner

Study with expert instructors

Individual evaluation

Tips & Tricks for making good scores

Help students improve their weak points

Advice and outline students for the university

Every course and every subject at The Planner will be instructed by a teacher specialized in that particular subject, so the lessons are able to deliver to students effectively. For more information on our GSAT program, call 095-726-2666 or LINE: @theplanner Walk-ins are also welcome.

For more information on our A-Level program calls 095-726-2666 or LINE: @theplanner