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BMAT (BioMedical Admissions Test) is a test developed by Cambridge Assessment Admission Testing. It is widely accepted by medical and veterinary schools around the globe. The exam is designed to differentiate between the applicants who appear equally well qualified and suited to the course. BMAT tests students’ knowledge level of math and science as well as English proficiency, analyzing and problem solving skills. 

The Planner’s BMAT – Fast Track is a 70-hour course in full content. The course consists of 3 sections and 7 subjects. 

  1. Section 1 – Thinking Skill
  • Problem Solving 10 hours
  • Critical Thinking 10 hours
  1. Section 2 – Scientific Knowledge and Applications
  • Biology 10 hours
  • Chemistry 10 hours
  • Physics 10 hours
  • Mathematics 10 hours
  1. Section 3 – Writing Task 10 hours

The BMAT Fast Track course at The Planner covers all the exam contents. Students will be familiar with the exam questions. We also provide a mock test for our students before taking the actual test. Students can be confident taking the exam after completing our BMAT Fast Track with Tips and Tricks on how to defeat tricky questions and get high scores. 

BMAT session offered at The Planner Education 

  1. One-on-One
  2. Semi
  3. Private group (3 students or more)

For more information on our BMAT program calls 095-726-2666 or LINE: @theplanner

Why BMAT at The Planner?

Mock test provided

Cover all 3 sections including 7 subjects

Solve all types of questions with the most up-to-date BMAT exam contents

Improve weak points, enhance strengths

Improve problem solving skill - Maximizing scores

Tips & Tricks to finish all questions within time limits

Techniques for boost up the scores

The class choice is yours - One-on-One, Semi, Private Group

Super convenient location - Chit Lom BTS, exit 4

Reasonable tuition fee

For more information on our BMAT program calls 095-726-2666 or LINE: @theplanner

BMAT – What to expect?

The BMAT exam is a 2-hour exam. The test requires a great deal of data analysis, problem solving skill, and communication skill. Calculator is not permitted during the exam.

BMAT’s Information and Details

BMAT Registration Information 

BMAT is currently holding 1 exam session a year during the month of November. The registration fee is 7,500 Baht and late fee may apply up to 9200 Baht. The test result will be announced 3 weeks after the test date.

For more information on our BMAT program calls 095-726-2666 or LINE: @theplanner