How to Increase Your Chance of Being Enrolled into an International University

Undeniably, international colleges are giving the best educational systems that you dream for. They use the same educational systems as the first world countries, so you can literally expect the best result when you graduate. After discussing with our specialised tutors and university counsellors at The Planner Education, we have come to these tips to maximise your chance of being enrolled into an international university.

  1. Put effort in studying SAT/ ACT and earn high score
    Most international universities In Thailand require SAT/ ACT scores to prove your English, Math and Physics proficiency. They set it as a standardised test score that you need to submit in order to apply to the university. The total score of the SAT that top universities require is usually over 1200. However, most universities require the ACT score only for the math part, which is 25.

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  1. Prepare for English proficiency test
    If you plan to get into international universities, of course, you will need to at least be able to communicate in English. If you are studying in an international school or taking GED, IGCSE/ A-level courses, English is not your problem. Nevertheless, when you apply to an international university, you need to submit an English proficiency test. Therefore, you need to prepare to take either IELTS, SAT, or TOEFL. Even if you are fluent at using English, you still need to study. You can take a tutor class at a tutoring centre; having an expert to teach you is always the best solution.

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  1. Get advice from tutors, and university counsellors
    No matter how well prepared you are, get advice from a tutor to be safer. Talk to your tutor or educational counsellor at your tutoring centre where you are taking a course to get detailed information about documents that you need to prepare to apply for the university of your choice. You can search online for the application requirement from the university website, but you could miss some small thing since this could be your first time applying for university. Therefore, having an educational counsellor to list for you and give you university advice can increase your chance of being enrolled in an international college successfully.
  1. Don’t miss university’s application deadlines
    It is going to be very disappointing if you miss the application deadline of the university that you want to apply to. You need to do research on when the deadline is for submitting the application. As we mentioned earlier, you can ask an educational counsellor to help you manage your time. The important thing is to mark the date in your calendar and remind yourself regularly, get prepared beforehands, do not postpone any process to the last minute, otherwise you will not make it on time, and you will be good to go.

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  1. Be clear as much as possible about what you want to study
    One of the hardest questions ever in your childhood might be “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Well, our thoughts change every minute. Today you might want to be a doctor, tomorrow you might change your mind to be an airhostess, who knows.

    Remember that your passion is the most important, take your time to study yourself, what things you enjoy doing the most, what things you love to watch on social media, what makes you happy and not feel forced doing it. You need to try to focus on that and the answer will appear eventually. This is helpful when you get to the interview round. The interviewer will search for your motivation to study at the major you have chosen; therefore, you need to be clear to yourself first and you can be successful.

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