เรียน A Level

ACT or AMERICAN COLLEGE TESTING is an American-based admission exam, testing subjects knowledge from the American Curriculum. The test consists of English, Mathematic and Science from grade 12 or M.6 (.6) in Thai school. ACT score can be used to apply to any American universities. It is recommended especially for Thai students to take the ACT over the SAT due to the discontinuation of the SAT Subject test in 2021. ACT, now, offers more subject tests than SAT which some of the universities outside of the US may require. ACT at The Planner is a tutoring course of 4 subjects which are: 

  1. English
  2. Reading
  3. Math
  4. Science (4 science subjects)
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Earth/Space Science

The ACT course at The Planner is an exam contents focused. Students will be studying the latest contents of the exam and learning how tocomplete the exam within the time limits.Students will also learn reading comprehension for subjects such as English, Reading, and Science that require a quick understanding of the passage/article. This is essential when taking the exam especially for the ACT because of the time limit. With our teachers’ assistance, students will have the knowledge necessary to do the test and are assured to be able to complete the exam with confidence. ACT is not as difficult as students may think. It just requires self-discipline and the right lesson and guidance which The Planner commits to provide to any of our students, because our students are our pride.

ACT course sessions at The Planner Education are: 

  1. One-on-One
  2. Semi
  3. Private Group (3 students or more)

For more information on our ACT program calls 095-726-2666 or LINE: @theplanner

Why ACT at The Planner?

Cover exam contents in depth

Master all exam questions followed by the most up-to-date ACT exam contents

Build timing skill - Complete every question within the time limit

Enhance reading comprehension skills to ace the ACT exam

Maximizing scores by boosting up solving skill

Tips & Tricks to peak the score

The class choice is yours - One-on-One, Semi, Private Group

Super convenient location - Chit Lom BTS, exit 4

Reasonable tuition fee

For more information on our ACT program calls 095-726-2666 or LINE: @theplanner

What to expect in the ACT exam?

The ACT exam is a 2 hours 55 minute exam, excluding the Writing part which is an optional subject test. The grading scale for ACT is ranged from 1 – 36. The scale score is defined by the raw score and averaged by all 4 parts of the exam.

For more information on our ACT program calls 095-726-2666 or LINE: @theplanner