How to Study IGCSE Math If you HATE Math

Maths is scary, we all know that since we were younger. Maths teachers in our memory are also tough and that makes us feel uncomfortable studying it. However, if you look deeper, try to look at it differently, or try to study it in a friendly and supportive environment, you would find it an interesting subject.

If you want to know how to study maths if you hate maths, here are 3 ways to make maths look easier.

  1. It is okay to make mistakes.
    One of the biggest fears of IGCSE students is that they fear making mistakes. Well, when you grow up you would be surprised that you continuously make an even bigger mistake throughout your entire life, and that is okay. When you do maths, and you know yourself that you are so not good at it, expect to make mistakes, because mistakes allow us to remember better.

    According to research from Baycrest Health Sciences, learning by making mistakes until you get the correct answers can benefit memory in both young and senior people. The only exception is that the wrong answer needs to be meaningful, as in, close to the right answer. This can apply to IGCSE maths class, you make mistakes, and when you know how to do it right, you remember better.

  1. Maths takes time.
    IGCSE maths is unlike geography or history class where you need to just read and comprehend the information in order to analyse it, but it is the subject that you need to take time to understand multiple formulas, and practice it constantly. You may want to give up when you see so many formulas that you need to remember, but if you slowly go step by step, master formula by formula, and eventually, you will be enlightened at the end that maths can be simpler than you think.

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  1. Exam tips can be the right motivation.
    Getting the answer right in a minute can somewhat bring you pride and motivation to study maths, but if it is still not convincing, you can try to study IGCSE maths only the parts that you will certainly see on the exam, or the parts that give you the most score. You can ask your tutor about what kind of problems that you will encounter in the IGCSE maths exam. A good tutor or a successful tutoring centre will give you a lot of tips and tricks to help you with maths exams. It will be more exciting to study maths, if you know some fun tips like how to cross choices, it would be easier if you know what choice is wrong than know what choice is right.

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