How a Good A-LEVEL Tutor Be Like?

Are you an A-LEVEL student that is willing to be enrolled in one of the top universities in Thailand? Your chance of reaching your dream could be higher if you know how to choose a good A-LEVEL tutor, what a good A-LEVEL tutor looks like; or you can test whether you are struggling with a bad one or not.

Below are 4 points that you should look at when you are choosing an A-LEVEL tutor for your best future.

  1. Look at the tutoring centre’s testimonials.
    When you are deciding where to study A-LEVEL you should look at many reviews and testimonials of that institute, you can find it on their social media such as The Planner Education. We post our students’ success every week on our social media to guarantee that we are one of the best tutoring centres in Thailand. If you have never taken an A-LEVEL course before, it is important to seek a proven record to gain more confidence because you are about to invest money on it.
  1. Remember, price matters.
    It is not that you have to find an A-LEVEL tutoring centre that charges you the cheapest price, but you need to look at the surroundings of that particular tutoring centre as well. Some places might be located very far from the city and inconvenient and not worth your time to go there, that is why the price is low. Moreover, price can tell whether the tutoring centre is worthy. The high price comes with high success rates, and as mentioned above, if you question why some place charges you a high price, look at their testimonials, and their success’s story to support your decision.
  1. Good tutors come with the best teaching strategy.
    Homework is not everything, you may be struggling with an A-LEVEL tutor that asks you to do a lot of useless homework that helps you with nothing but just more work! A good A-LEVEL tutor will tell you exactly what are your weak points that you still have to work on, and they will keep fixing you on that until you can overcome those struggling parts.

    Like The Planner, we give a regular progress record for each student, students can see their own progress and know where to improve themselves. We also focus on how to make students succeed in their goals, so we teach only helpful contents that students will surely see on the actual A-LEVEL exams, and that could make them get A* on the A-LEVEL exams.

  1. A-LEVEL tutors provide good techniques that cannot find on Google
    Well, google has every answer that you may possibly ask for. It even has an answer for your A-LEVEL maths homework sometimes. However, a good A-LEVEL tutor will provide you with more detailed information that you may not find on google or anywhere else. A good A-LEVEL tutor needs to be experienced enough to tell you their own techniques that are easier than some tips that you found on the internet.

    At The Planner Education, you can find our testimonials easily through our social media such as Facebook, IG, Twitter, and Tiktok. If you are looking for the best A-LEVEL tutoring centre or a good A-LEVEL tutor, our successful stories are on board to support your decision.

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