Benefits of One-on-One A-level Tutoring

If you are deciding whether to study A-LEVEL one-on-one with a tutor or study A-LEVEL in a group class, you better read this. Some students might feel that they need friends to support each other when studying, but some students might feel more comfortable studying alone. People have their own preferences. However, there are many benefits of studying one-on-one with a tutor.

  1. Individual attention
    Well, an A-LEVEL group class is fun because you have friends to interact with. However, if you really need to get personal feedback from your tutor about how far your learning progress is, he or she might not be able to do that since you are not the only student that he or she has to look after. Therefore, one-on-one tutoring makes you get full attention from the tutor and engage more with the tutor and make progress much faster.
  1. Frequent feedbacks
    As mentioned above, on one-one-one A-LEVEL tutoring class, a tutor gives you individual attention and that means you will get immediate and precise feedback from the tutor. You will know exactly what you still need to improve, what your strengths and weaknesses are, and you will have the opportunity to ask about the solutions and tips right away unlike being in a group class.

    At The Planner Education, we give students feedback every week and follow the improvement of students closely. We give feedback to students and their parents, so that the parents will not be worried about how their children are doing. If you are interested in learning A-LEVEL with us, please contact us about learning A-LEVEL here.

  1. Low pressure
    Most Asian kids are self-conscious due to the unhealthy school environment that does not support them to be confident in class. They tend to be afraid when they have to answer a question aloud in front of their classmates. That forms high pressure because they are afraid of making mistakes in front of many eyes.

    Accordingly, one-on-one A-LEVEL tutoring classes can be the solution to this problem. Kids are less likely to panic when they are alone with a tutor. The environment will be more relaxing, and students will feel more comfortable and braver to make mistakes and it is so okay to make mistakes. They will learn any A-LEVEL classes happily and effectively since they feel more confident and that encourages them to learn better.

  1. Flexibility
    At The Planner Education, we can design a curriculum that is best suitable for you, i.e. what topics that you are still weak at. You can choose the lesson’s time by yourself, or if you are not available on a particular day you can just tell your A-LEVEL tutor directly. More importantly, when you do not feel forced to be in class, you tend to be even more disciplined.
  1. Mastery learning
    The Planner’s A-LEVEL tutors give you many examples and show many mock tests for you to practice. On that account, the A-LEVEL tutor will know exactly whether you understand the lesson or not. If you cannot do the practice, the tutor will not move on to the next topic and is more than willing to teach you again until you master the current lesson. That means you can be sure that you will be enlightened on every lesson that the A-LEVEL tutor has taught before he or she actually takes the A-LEVEL exam.
  1. Good attitude forming
    When you are in an unforced and relaxing study environment, it encourages you to enjoy studying more. You will know exactly what you really want to study in college for your future because you are not stressed about studying, and you have more time to think about what you really want. You will gradually feel that studying is for gaining knowledge and experience in life, not a useless day to day task that you only need to pass the exam and that is done.
  1. Building good study habits
    Studying A-LEVEL at a tutoring centre can build a good study habit. As we mentioned earlier, you can schedule your study plan yourself. A tutor will only teach you lessons and give advice or tips for your exam, but the key to be successful is that you need to go back and review what you have been taught again at home. It will help you in your future as well when you finally enter college. A college requires you to have an independent responsibility. You need to work on your own to get a preferable grade, and by studying with a tutor, the tutor can help you to get used to it.

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