IGCSE ESL Tips to get A*

To achieve a high grade in this IGCSE ESL test or any test you have to practice regularly by taking many past papers to get an idea of what the exam will be like and prepare yourself for any kind of questions. Here is the advice, when you take the IGCSE ESL past papers, you may have to add some more ways to practice further.

Practice on Reading

To practice reading, it’s best to practice by reading newspapers, novels, or magazines. Read daily and try to understand the context as much as possible. You will gain new vocabulary throughout the passages, and you need to look up the meaning of every new word you see. This practice will help you with the reading part.

Practice on Writing

Writing is the skill that you need to get your hands on to gain it. Look up the topics from the past papers and try to write it down. Having a teacher or tutor to help check your answer is the best way to evaluate your writing skill, and helps you to be more confident in the writing. You will enhance your writing skill gradually and eventually ace it. Moreover, add idioms into your writing. Do not need to be a hard one, just use simple idioms such as “a piece of cake”.

Practice on Vocabulary

The content of your writing is the most important. If you write with a clear explanation, give a logical reasoning to support your opinion, you potentially gain a point from the examiner. However, using a wide range of vocabulary will create a better impact than using the same words. But keep in mind that If you are unsure about the meaning of a word, do not use it to avoid the mistake, which could interfere with the examiner’s understanding of your writing.

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