Habits of A* Students to Change Your Life

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Nothing worth having comes easy, you need to put some effort before you get what you want. An A* on your transcript may be the most valuable thing in the world that you want to have. However, the effort will not pay off if you do not continuously try hard. As it is being said, ‘Rome is not built in a day,’ so you can do all these practices and build good habits which you would not only need for your study life, but your whole life.

 Time Managing

We all have 24 hours a day, some say it is too short, and vice versa, but actually it depends on how you manage your time. Most successful students tend to prioritise their tasks, they know what to do first and what can do later, so that they can complete essential tasks on time. Having proper time management allows you to have time for revising for exams as well.


Taking notes in the classroom makes you stay active and focused during your lectures. While you are writing, your brain is working to connect all the information received, and clarify your thinking to yourself. What we listen to is going to store in your brain for a short period of time if we do not repeat it regularly. Therefore, coming back to read on your lecture note again will make your study more effective. Lastly, the more you write, the better you get.


Have you ever looked at your lecture note and wondered why you did not jot it down properly? Well, it is okay if you have a lot of information on your note, actually it is a good thing, but the important thing is how can you organise that information. You can look at your note and rewrite it again on another piece of paper, you can make bullet points or mind mapping to make your note clean and organised.


You can never remember all the lessons in just one night, even if you can memorise them, the information will not last long in your brain and you might end up answering the exam’s question incompletely or wrong. Therefore, the best way is to review all lessons 2-3 weeks in advance. You can schedule yourself, set study times for each subject and follow through. Furthermore, you may miss some important information if you review the lessons only few times.

Asking questions

If you have an expert or tutor sitting next to you, you are already touching A* grade and your hand is ready to grab it! When you are studying, there will surely be many questions popping up from your head, sometimes those questions are left unanswered, and it is the most frustrating thing ever; but if you study with a tutor, you can ask questions immediately and by that way it will make you understand the lessons more. Engaging with a teacher a lot, and being curious are the habits you need to have for success.

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