Differences of A-LEVEL Maths: Maths – Further Maths – Pure Maths

If you are about to choose to study A-LEVEL Maths, and are confused about which kinds of mathematics you need to choose and what their differences are, read this.

There are 3 types of A-LEVEL Mathematics that The Planner Education has taught, which are Mathematics, Further Mathematics, and Pure Mathematics. Our A-LEVEL course follows the Cambridge curriculum strictly, so that students can be sure that they will get the precise information about the A-LEVEL papers, and eventually get the diploma accordingly.

Besides, all A-LEVEL Maths courses are going to be beneficial for you indeed if you are interested in getting into some major that needs to study maths.

This is the first and fundamental kind of A-LEVEL mathematics, without passing this maths, or currently taking this course, you cannot take the other mathematics courses. It covers many maths concepts such as geometry, calculus or trigonometry. As mentioned before, it is core mathematics, so it may be easier than the other maths courses. Nevertheless, it gives you basic knowledge and a handful of information that you may need for your college.

Further Mathematics
If Mathematics is fundamental, Further Maths is advanced. It is like an add-on or you can say that it bordens your understanding of mathematics concepts more than what you receive in the A-LEVEL Maths course. It is the hardest one among the 3 maths courses as well, but it will mostly benefit you if you are taking a finance or engineering major which needs a little deeper information about mathematics.

Pure Mathematics
Since The Mathematics course contains both Pure Maths and Applied Maths, so if you want to focus only the lessons on Pure Mathematics, you can choose Pure Mathematics instead of Further.

If you are interested in taking A-LEVEL Mathematics course, The Planner Education has many tutors that are specialised in their fields, most of our A-LEVEL students got A*/A and 90% achieve A-LEVEL diploma, see our A-LEVEL course details below.

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