Study for A-Level Paper Like a Pro Left within 2 Days

Counting down to your exam day can be thrilling and somehow stressful for many students. If you are prepared beforehands for at least 2 weeks, that is great. But if you accidentally have 2 days left for the upcoming exams, here are 5 tips to help you get through.

Practice on Past Papers and Mock Exams
Taking mock exams is still the best way to prepare for any exams. It helps you anticipate your time taking for doing the actual exam by doing the mock one, so that when you actually take the actual exam, you will be less likely to panic. You can search online for past year exam questions. If you are taking an English paper, read through the mark schemes and try to analyse your writing according to the marking criterias.

Shorten Your Notes and Let’s Review!
Everytime that you take notes, jot down as much as possible from what you have read or listened to the teacher, and when you come back to read it again, you then do the summary of what you have written. You can make bullet points of important details or draw diagrams to make it easier to read through. The ability to break down your messing note into a shorter note proves that you understand the subject well.

Do not think that studying all day and night long will get you an A*. Well, it could be possible, but it ruins your productivity and can damage your brain too, especially the part that relates to memory. Instead, you should set up your break time, it can be 30 minutes, and then you can crack on with your study. You can even take a nap for around 20 minutes, which is called a power nap. According to experts in the field of sleeping, power napping will refresh your brain, reduce stress and more importantly, it can boost cognitive function which is short and long term memory and enhance your brain ability to organise information.

Verbally Explain Your Understanding to Someone
It might be a little difficult for those who are not studying with tutors or having friends to study together. Being able to have someone listen to your explanation is the most powerful way to ace your exam because if you can explain what you have learned to others, that means you truly understand it well. You can find your family members or close friends and try to verbally explain your note. By explaining aloud will help you to spot gaps in your understanding and you will know what things you still need to fill in your brain.

Get Rid of Distractions
The moment when you realise that there are only 2 days left for the exam surely make you feel restless and panic, keep calm and follow this tip. Your study area could be anywhere from your bedroom, living room, or coffee shop, you just need to select the place that makes you feel concentrated and focused. Importantly, you need to get rid of any distractions, i.e., social media. Stay off your phone as long as possible, you can set break time, as we mentioned earlier. When you study, just study. You can turn off your phone or turn on silent mode, so that you will not hear any sound that makes you feel the urge to touch your phone.

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