4 Ways to help you choose the right subjects for IGCSE

To whom, teenagers, interested in the International General Certificate of Secondary Education well-known IGCSE, but cannot decide yet which subject you want to study or test, we have 4 ways to help you choose the right subjects for IGCSE, here are details.

IGCSE has about 70 subjects in 6 subject groups which means if you do not have your favourite subjects in your mind, you will get lost in these overwhelming subjects. So, we, The Planner Education listed 4 ways to help you choose the right subjects

  1. Ask people around you
    Your family, friends, classmates or even your neighbour is an important people to talk with because they know your habit & hobby. So, you should share with them what you like and ask for their advice on what subject is suitable for you.
  1. The faculty test
    As we said, there is a lot of subjects in IGCSE some subject is required if you want to study at the next level (A-Level), and if you have no idea to study at the university level, you should do the faculty test it could help you find the right faculty, right A-Level subjects, and also right IGCSE subjects.

    Here is an example of a test website: https://www.mastersportal.com/personality-test/

  1. The Career/Job Test
    The destination of a study is always a career/job, so what you study now will be useful in the future for sure, so a career/job test is another way to explore what IGCSE suits you.

    Here is an example of a test website: https://www.thecareertest.org/

  1. Ask yourself
    The most simple way but effective in choosing the right subjects for your IGCSE is to ask yourself, what you love to study, what subject you are good at, etc. after you explore yourself from the faculty test and career/job test somehow you should have your favourite subject lists, for now, go on and explore its detail, so you will know for sure whether you love it or not.

    Lastly, after all the 4 ways we guided you, but still cannot decide yet, you can come to consult us via Line: @theplanner or phone: 095-726-2666

    Or, if you already have the right subjects in your mind check out our courses here


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