TOEFL-MUIC is an English proficiency test used to assess candidates to study in Mahidol University International College. The English test is similar to TOEFL-pbt (paper-based). Based on the process of selecting candidates, Mathematics ability is necessarily tested by the university as well.

TOEFL-MUIC exam consists of 3 sections.

  1. Reading & Listening
  2. Grammar & Essay Writing
  3. Mathematics

Why studying TOEFL-MUIC at The Planner Education? 

Almost all of our students receiving MUIC tutoring with us meet the requirement to study in MUIC because all the teachers instructing MUIC at The Planner are real GURUs who have hands-on experience in teaching MUIC. Additionally, The Planner Education specialists team always follow up the updates and construct the most useful strategies to tackle MUIC exam as we all know that this exam is extremely competitive at the present.

In terms of English test, we focus on the practice tests which is in line with the real exam (Reading & Listening and Grammar). We guarantee that we are the experts in this field. Our writing classes are taught based on our reasonable analysis of possible Essay Topics with multiple categories. The way academic essays are written will be introduced in an understandable format required by academic writing assessment. We usually research, summarize, and share important information about exam techniques or marking criteria. It is the most applicable approach that allows students to develop themselves.

According to Mahidol University International College policy in 2014, Math scores have taken a major part in the selection of students for admission. Candidates must answer 60% or more of math questions correctly to be eligible to study there. Mathematics exam contains altogether 30 items. Our institution has a vast number of examples and content to check out. After the candidates are trained by our MUIC experts with special and unique techniques, the candidates will be able to increase their productivity in doing the exam. Therefore, achieving a possible opportunity to enter MUIC is not difficult anymore.

Studying in our MUIC-Interview course will surely broaden students’ ideas how to give a mature and impressive response to the interviewer. Importantly, we deeply pay attention to every detail of every student and help develop skills by sharing techniques to help each of them reach the goals.

ดูเนื้อหาข้อสอบ TOEFL-MUIC

More information about TOEFL-MUIC preparation course, call 022532533 or 0957262666

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