Speed Read Tips for IGCSE English Reading Part

Have you ever messed up your English exam grade because of running out of time? If the answer is YES, this article is worth your time! On the IGCSE English test or any English tests, you cannot escape from the reading part. It is the part that wastes your time the most, so you really need to have some reading tricks in order to finish the whole exam on time. Below are 4 reading tips from The Planner’s specialised IGCSE tutor, to help you score the IGCSE English reading exam.

  1. Always read the questions first
    When you take the IGCSE course, studying English, the tutor will give you many examples of articles from IGCSE past papers, so you have some ideas of what you are going to be tested on in the actual exam. One passage on the exam might take you around 3-5 minutes to finish reading the whole article, unless if it is a long one you would take more minutes than that. Therefore, reading the questions first will help you know where exactly you need to focus on. If you read the passage before questions, you would go back and forth and that definitely wastes your time and you might end up messing the whole thing.
  1. Try to find keywords
    Following the first point, when you read the questions, try to search for keywords. Some questions contain information that is helpful for your reading such as names of people, places, or dates. This information helps you to presume the context of the passage and know the correct answer quicker, then you can finish the exam in a flash.
  1. Skip questions that ask for the main idea and conclusion
    When you do IGCSE English reading test, you can skip questions that ask for the main idea since you need to read the whole passage in order to answer that. But there are still questions that ask for details, so you can do those questions first to get some brief idea and then when you come back to the main idea question, you know exactly what it is.
  1. Read the first sentence of each paragraph
    Of course, you will not get the whole idea if you read only the first sentence of each paragraph; however, you will have some brief information, and each one will create a dot in your head. Thereafter, when you read the questions you will eventually get some clues and that will connect all the dots together.

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